Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Trip to Disney World '09

Jill, Macy, and I had a great time at Disney World last week! Macy is a Roller Coaster Queen! Dragging me to every one of those rides...Well... all except two...Thank goodness Aunt Nina met us there. She rode Splash Mountain with her. BTW, They were stuck for 35 minutes at the top of the mountain right before the big fall!!
I would like to say Macy made me ride The Tower of Terror with her at Hollywood Studios. I tell you she isn't afraid of anything. I was so proud of Jill for riding Space Mountain with us!!!!! She was glad after it was over, but loved it!! We ate lunch with Cinderella inside the Castle one day. Before we were seated they took Macy and made her "Princess of the Day"...She was so happy and felt sooo Important.That was worth the entire trip.
Hope you enjoy the photos I'm posting. I'll probably post more on Facebook in a week or so!!

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